Horoscopes december 8

This confidence may even encourage you to take a big step forward and try things that you have been too nervous to try before. Go for it! You may experience some good fortune this week! It will come as either money, a gift It might not be something huge, but it's something that you will be extremely grateful for.

Do a cleanse of fruit juices or even a social media detox. Venus and Mercury will be back into your home zone at the end of this week, meaning your attention will be turned to family matters. Consider what you need to do to make you happy Mars continues to move through your relationship zone, which may force you into a compromise with your partner. Remember to take into consideration their perspective when it comes to a matter they feel strongly about. Venus, your personal planet, and Mercury will move back into Scorpio this week, making you feel the need to clear away clutter and make more space in your life.

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Give away or selling items you no longer need. You will feel freer and more energised without clutter filling up every corner.

How keen are you to make things work with that person you have the hots for? Do you really like them or are you just interested in winning? You'll respond to a request. While off doing errands or visiting a friend, buy a lottery ticket.

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The unexpected can occur around money and funds in general. You will want to be lavish with a loved one. Make sure you have the budget to do just that. Tonight: Busy with holiday fun. You might decide to make a phone call to someone you rarely speak to. Not only does this conversation give you a sense of well-being, it also allows your imagination to change scenarios and topics.

Buy tickets to see a play or a concert. Tonight: At a favorite place with loved ones. You know you have no reason to complain.

Others seek you out. A loved one's mood often gets to you.

Either go out or do something that will help you move past this person's issue. You might be surprised by something someone tells you. Tonight: With your favorite person. If you need time to bake, wrap presents or address holiday cards, put other tasks on the back burner for now.

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Invite a loved one to join you. Both of you will have more fun creating an experience to be remembered. Tonight: Consider adding to your holiday decorations. You manage to squeeze nearly every good moment out of life that you can. It's no surprise that you might be dragging. Do everyone a favor and take care of yourself.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 8-14, 2013 by Nadiya Shah

Schedule a massage, take a nap -- you know what works. Tonight: Grab a favorite dessert on the way home. You tend to be overly serious with a key person in your life. This person might love all of the attention you are giving him or her. A call that involves travel is likely to result in plans for the two of you. Be sure that you both want to participate in this.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, October 8, | Georgia Nicols

Tonight: Hang some mistletoe. You always make family a high priority. You might not understand why one of your family members seems irritated with you. What this person seems to be projecting onto you could have nothing to do with you. Take a step back, if need be. Tonight: Time for eggnog. Return important calls quickly before solidifying your plans.

You might find that you want to do something totally different.

Financial horoscope Sagittarius

Visit with others, or perhaps go off and get into a beloved winter sport. Clearing your energy renews you. Tonight: Reach out to a neighbor or relative. Before you make plans, take an hour or so to go over your budget, balance your checkbook and make sure you have paid your bills. Only then can you go out and get tickets to a holiday event.

You will feel much freer if you proceed in this manner.