Taurus crazy horoscope

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Download Bored Panda app! What do you think? ChristineCalvin 4 years ago The only one that is not scary is my sign Saggitarius.

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JohnWalter 4 years ago Gemini looks creepy. Don't you think? VanessaTan 4 years ago gemini looks like the guy from silent hill xD. BounthavySananikone 4 years ago Gemini is creepy but I think Libra is creepier. VickiS 4 years ago gemini looks awesomely creepy :D. JoeffelFaelnar 3 years ago Looks badass to me.

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GioTabanao 4 years ago virgo looked hot. BrixieBrix 4 years ago All Virgos are hot. BrixieBrix 4 years ago I am not a gullible moron. ReaganBarr 4 years ago That's why I'm proud to be a Virgo. RyanScott 4 years ago Im a virgo and I assure you not all virgos are hot. AngelaMarsden 4 years ago virgo looks like a harpy EstherTay 4 years ago my sign virgo look like a saint compared to the rest.

SergiuFotache 4 years ago The only one that it's actually hot! RobMason 4 years ago Virgo should have been holding a flaming spear made of twined fig branches with a wicked baby's head protruding from her navel. MassimilianoFrancia 4 years ago Only Vargo are Hoat. DonnaFarrell 4 years ago I saved the image! She is stunning isn't she? DoktorEvazan 4 years ago This comment is hidden.

Noor 4 years ago I consider myself pretty lucky in the scary department with Libra. That one is freaky! Noor 4 years ago Think that is to keep things in balance, since it has four arms as well. NatalieTramontana 4 years ago I have Libra too lol. ChrissyNeibarger 4 years ago Me too! But what's up with the four legs? Rimzim Basu 4 years ago I agree!

DanaCarole 4 years ago I said the same thing MelindaBailey 4 years ago Sagittarius is already the scariest sign. The only one that carries a weapon. SamathaWatson-Meriweather 4 years ago Yup.. I love being a Sagittarius. MaxPirozkov 4 years ago I agree Sagittarius ,looks majestic instead of from the nightmarish realm. C 4 years ago Also Virgo my sign! MatthewCraft 4 years ago Sagittarius is mine to, it's not scary, it's just wicked. JamesIreland 4 years ago I know, I've seen scarier baked beans. I, as a fellow Sagittarius am very disappointed.

IsabelleRam 4 years ago Yeah, Sagittarius should have been way more bad-ass.

TaylorPeterson 4 years ago Exactly what I was thinking. MylesSinclair 4 years ago my one sux. BarbaraWood 4 years ago Exactly! MattDoValle 4 years ago My thoughts exactly lol. Bluebell Rizzi 7 months ago We're badass looking tho. Lonny Parton 2 years ago you are unquestionably dumber than a broken bag of hammers. JenaEames 4 years ago Virgo is gorgeous. Donna Perry 4 years ago Sagitarious, not sure of spelling. AberranFox 4 years ago I feel the same way it looks rather normal some are not scary but the rest are at least creepy.

Darby Murphy 4 years ago So you wanna see that swimming at you in the water? Derek Peck 4 years ago i know, right. DerekPeck 4 years ago I know.

AaronMeadors 4 years ago IKR. JessicaHutchins 4 years ago I think the body is creepy. Casper Gee 4 years ago Lol i knw right thats my sign too. Dakota Barber 4 years ago Of course my sign is the dumbest looking one. JessicaRussianSifontes 4 years ago You call that not scary? JessicaGaitan 4 years ago I agree that's my sign look so sweet.

Taurus Compatibility // Astrology

ChuckJones 4 years ago In mythology, mermaids would ensnare sailors by singing.. FlorenceBurns 4 years ago Don't mermaids eat human flesh though? FroggyLove 4 years ago I feel like he forgot to add the second fish with Pisces but he did right with gemini DesiiRamos 4 years ago I thought pisces looked the most magestic. But i love mermaids so count it or not lol. Darby Murphy 4 years ago It's missing my second fish!!!

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CarlyLindsey 4 years ago i felt the same. MonicaBing 4 years ago Yes, and mine too. Anne Avram 4 years ago yes mine too. Chelcea May 4 years ago right! SarahPalmateer 4 years ago A centaur with a freaking horse head?! Whaaaat lol. MercedesSmith 4 years ago But we already look terrifying so no worries. IanCampbellThomas 4 years ago I thought it would have been epic! JeetDasgupta 4 years ago Our sign the "Sagi" looks week SandraKohler 4 years ago I agree!

Mine is the saggitarius and it's not scarey at all. AngelaHess 4 years ago Ha, I agree. Capricorn isn't so scary either. DaianeAraujo 4 years ago Our sign sucks CodyShiranai 4 years ago On top of that, it's all wrong. They won't debate the pros and cons; they will argue obstinately, try to dominate the conversation, and say cruel and belittling words to anyone who dares to stand up to them.

A Taurus can be an antagonistic bully who is always stomping their feet and spoiling for a fight or quarrel with anyone who crosses their path.

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Whether it is to get something they want, to take revenge, or cause chaos, this is one bully you do not want to cross the path of. A Taurus can be controlling, tyrannical, domineering, and overbearing in imposing their will on others. They'll be impervious to what another person might want and will not take no for an answer. They are also prone to stomping about and yelling or whining until they get their way. Then, should something go wrong, they'll angrily blame it on anybody but themselves. Due to their need for material security, a Taurus can become overly greedy and stingy.

They can be especially nasty when it comes to someone who's messing with their money or things, or flirting with their lover or mate. A Taurus is not quick to anger, but they do have a vile temper, and if you make them angry, they can be frightening and cruel. They often become silent and cold, keep their anger to themselves, keep a tally of perceived wrongs and act as if everything is fine, then suddenly, seemingly over nothing, explode in a rage. There's another side to Taurus anger, and perhaps it's the most brutal. A Taurus is perfectly capable of remaining calm, being silent, turning a cold shoulder, and biding their time.

Then, rather than blatant meanness, they will resort to all sorts of passive-aggressive attacks. This is truer of Taurus women than Taurus men.