Sagittarius horoscope december 2019 full moon

In the same way, an existing relationship can become stronger and better with means of sex. Trying new things can also become interesting and pleasant. Work can become a little stressful near the days of the New Moon. Bosses, business partners and the like can become overly demanding.

Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, December 2018

But this stress declines by the day and a productive balance comes in your work environment. Those going through exams, or interviews may feel the stress even more intensively, but, once again, expect good results. In fact, work, in all its aspects, is the main focus of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period, and in a beneficial and supportive way.

Doctors and therapists of any kind will enjoy this blessing even more intensively. Also, health and healing receives much support. Both physical and psychological health can have pleasant developments. Also, if you want to learn a healing technique, or advance in one you already practice, this is a good period to do that. Work seems to be a bit stressful the days close to the New Moon. Performing arts and works that require bodily activity, even more so. Travelling can also be somewhat stressful. If possible, avoid it until the 15 th. These stressful aspects, though, are losing power day by day while the support work receives is getting much stronger.

Even more so, from the 12 th onwards. Also, love life receives very supportive influences. Singles seeking for a relationship should make the most of this period. Especially so if you are looking for a much younger, or much older partner. Those in a relationship can make it stronger and healthier. In the latter case, sex should not be your first priority. It will come naturally, though. In fact, it can become much more playful and interesting.

Love, sex and whatever makes your life happy and fulfilling may not be as happy and bright as you expect it to be the days near the New Moon. Even more importantly, day by day this stressful aspect loses power and in its place a supportive influence grows. So, overall, this is a good period for love life, sex life and whatever makes your happy. Family can also play an important role in your life this period, and it will be a mostly pleasant one. At least a harmonious one.

Also, health issues in the family will have a pleasant development. Taking care of your home, redecorating it, renovating it and similar activities, are all auspicious, too. Finally, work receives some support. Balance and harmony are the key words for this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

Family, your spouse, and probably your business partners will play a role to it. Nonetheless, things are getting better by the day. Maybe these unpleasant situations were necessary to motivate you to establish a better environment around you. Your social circle, and especially the people you hold dear, will give you many reasons to be happy.

Friends and lovers will enjoy being with you. Also, there is the potency to expand your social circle. Work can become quite stressful the days near the New Moon.

What The December 7th New Moon In Sagittarius Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

It can also become chaotically busy or very much the opposite. Whatever the case, though, things are getting better by the day. In fact, this period is beneficial work wise and money wise. Trade, and especially trade of goods, receive the best influences. Also, jobs based on communication, transportation and the equipment of those, will enjoy these blessings.

Work-wise and not-work-wise this is going to be a somewhat hectic period. You always have much to do and not enough time to do them. Overall, though, you are achieving much, too, and so, this is a good thing. Try to prioritise what is the most important for you, and your achievements will be more meaningful and more fulfilling. Money matters can become quite stressful the days near the New Moon.

In any case, overall, this period is beneficial for money matters. Pure luck may not be in your side, but the more you do your best, the more lucky you will be. Trade of all kinds receives even better influences. Also, this is a good period to start something new. Finding a new job, starting a new course, establishing a new business and everything else, are all receive support. This is quite an important period for you.

The New Moon, most probably, brings some stress to you for almost every aspect of your life.

As the days go by, this imbalance gives its place to a productive and pleasant balance. Therefore, especially after the 12 th of the month, good luck will be following everything you are trying to do. Money matters also receive beneficial influences. There, you may need to try a little more. Be conservative with your expenses, but not stingy. You are probably too sensitive to whatever people think and say. Even more importantly, more often than not, you interpret those in a more negative way that they were intended.

Or, at least, you let them to affect you more negatively than you should. Also, your intuition and dreams are becoming more vivid and important. Trade of all kinds receives beneficial influences.

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If you are starting a business on the field, or you want to expand the one you are already running, this is a good period. Also, if you want to buy new phones, computers or other high-tech gadgets, either for work, or for personal enjoyment, this is the right period to do that. Trade, and especially trade of services, receives the main focus of this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Things can be a little chaotic at the beginning, but they are getting better as the days pass. Even if you are not in the business of trade, your career receives supportive influences.

Finally, your social life seems active and mostly pleasantly so. Expanding your social circle is also possible. In fact, very much so. All business and career matters receive the energies of this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. The first days can become a bit stressful, but then on successes will be more common than stress. If you deal well with this unsettling first period, later on it will seem like these successes are coming on their own.

Starting a new career, a new job as well as achieving a promotion, or a significant improvement in your current job, all are possible and all receive supporting influences. Also, travelling, and especially travelling abroad seems very auspicious, whether it is for personal or for professional reasons. Whatever has to do with people from other countries, too. The generosity that I receive from others is humbling.

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The generosity I relieve from others is healing. The generosity that I receive from others is the perfect counter to the hostility this world dolls out daily. I am in deep gratitude for all that I am given, everyday. I know that I am growing through the collaborations that can energetically match me, challenge me, and cheer me on and up.

Generating wealth means that I refuse to stay stuck. Generosity flows and I am learning to move with it. When I feel afraid to change, to grow and to expand through possibilities that others offer me, I know to ask myself why. My life is always expanding or contracting through my chosen partnerships, so I choose them thoughtfully.

I know that the more I heal, the less I need to please. The less I need to please, the more room there is for partnerships that are abundant in pleasure and purpose. With this new moon, I recommit to experiencing the abundance of a good fit. With this new moon, I remember patience for all that is still finding its way to me.

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With this new moon I refuse to feel like I am missing out on anything if the partnerships I wish for have yet to materialize. At this point I know that my ability to meditate on the energy I wish to attract is the most potent and powerful declaration I can make. The more I give myself, the more tender I am able to be with what is difficult.

With this new moon I commit to creating spaces where mutual growth is a given, independence is celebrated, and the unions I create with others are a fortress for refueling. I take note of where I tend to run out of gratitude. I scour my systems for resentments that lead to my own lack of effort. I make it a priority to parse out the pouting I might do. Instead of stewing in defensiveness, I make it a priority to find ways to be productive. I am committed to envisioning professional solutions to any and all work woes.

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This new moon reminds me that I am growing my capacity to cater to the work I most wish to do. I am focused on the abundance of good I get to contribute and receive in all my professional positions. I am in partnership with my professional life. I am in an ever-transforming, ever-evolving, ever-blossoming exchange with all that I work on. I refuse to be a martyr to this process and instead see what happens when I come at it with an attitude of strength, confidence, and abundance.

I am dedicated to entering with a policy of no whining, no entitlement, and no allegiance to anything that squanders my talent. There is little that can stop me when I stay willing to work, wonder, and outgrow any need to people please. My talent teaches me all it can do when working outside of others expectations of me. Poured into the containers that respect and keep me interested, my creative drive is a force that fields its own opportunities. I know that developing the capacity to find the right fit for it is a skill of its own, so I hone my relationship with my intuitive knowledge.

I know when something feels right. I know when something feels off. I know the difference between what is mine, and what is interesting, exciting, but ultimately not for me to do. I save my energy to move towards what calls me to it. I know that gratitude is a giver. I know that the more I offer thanks for the opportunities that are in my life, the more I am reminded to see them as such.

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  • Entitlement clouds my judgement, sours my soul, and limits my capacity to create. The more I show up to my creative projects with a sense of awe and wonder for what they are revealing to me, the more I will be able to serve them. The wealth of cultivating an inner life never ceases to amaze me. Each time I heal some piece of my past, I get to experience more of my potential.

    The more I lose interest in the relationships that dangle only the promise of connection in front of me, the more I know I am worthy of love. The more grounded I feel, the less interested I am in doing the things that sabotage my best efforts. I am willing to do what is necessary to build it, and I am worth the work it takes to make the stable structures that my dreams need. I work on healing what I can with family.

    I make an effort to give more to those that help me know connection. I dedicate my energy to taking care of my core needs, values, and desires. With this new moon, I give myself permission to thrive in the areas I have denied myself or been denied. I know that to shrink is never a demand I need to make on myself. I know that to thrive is an honor not everyone gets, so however I can get it, I go with it. I make sure to be direct about what I need, what I mean, and what my intentions are.

    The more forward I can be, the more I can grow my connections in the ways I most care to. These days are filled with teachings about who is on my team and who is on an entirely different planet. I go with the gravitational pull that is as pleasing as it is powerful. I fill my daily life with an abundance of activities that bring me back into balance. I know that any complaints I have about not having enough time are only impairing my ability to be able to maximize the moments that I do have. I refuse to be at the whim of my day.

    I put myself in my schedule, making a little bit of time into a moment of quality care for myself. I pay attention to the messages that come to me. I am in contact with a great many more humans than usual, but I am also in contact with a great deal more energy than normal. I do not dismiss or diminish my intuitive cues and clues. Instead I track them, making note of every time they put me onto something unforeseeably joyous, important, or devastatingly true. I know that I am given clues about directions to take all day long. The more I develop this muscle, the stronger my connection to my entire life.

    Having a certain talent is one thing we all have in common; having the ability to develop it is not. I am incredibly grateful for whatever ways I am able to dig into, explore and give of my gifts. Humbled by the amount I still have to learn, I find all the ways possible to perfect my practice.

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    I am now able to feel the impact of encouraging my resources to reveal themselves. The more I work with them, the more I am able to understand what they want to do. Each asset that I put to use helps me understand how I can be of better service in the world. The more I am able to offer, the more I put myself in the position of receiving. I know I was put here to flourish, but not for myself alone.

    Sagittarius 2019 - 2020 - Gregory Scott Astrology

    With this new moon, I work at unravelling any assumptions made by my ego, especially of my greatness, superiority, or invincibility. That way, I can understand the truth of my talents and blessings, and experience them with great gratitude. I no longer have the luxury of hiding who I am, though that never felt particularity pleasurable to me. I no longer have any interest in fitting in, a symptom of the human condition that makes me more robot than the original I really am.

    It has come to my attention that it is time to relinquish any kind of conventional comfort that I might receive from suppressing my natural state of being. It has come to my attention that too much creative energy wants to run through me to be caught up in what others deem respectable. I know that I have to face the consequences of any and all of my actions. I know that I have to take on the burden of my becoming by showing up for, and being responsible to, myself.

    I know that no one can live my life but me, so I take this opportunity to declare that my joy is sacred, my gratitude is potent beyond measure, and my enthusiasm is what directs me to my next action. I take this moment to remember what fills me on all levels, knowing that concrete proof of my growth is just as important as my emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

    It is a multi-faceted equation. I am continuously captivated by the connection between the work I do internally and its impact on my profession, relationships, and achievements. December marks a departure from my need to hustle and thus begins a season where I need to call in what is nourishing. All the work that I am doing behind the scenes at the moment is imperative to my future growth.

    I am developing my ability to trust what needs room in the private areas of my life, shielded from the glare of public critique until it has time to become itself. No parent thrusts their child onto a stage without properly prepping them for the situation. I will not ask my creations for anything that they are not yet willing, ready or able to give. I am generous with all in my life that needs me to protect it. Those that know how to build a home for their happiness.

    I know how to point out injustice while still accessing the power of my joy, pleasure, and ability to remain playful within my life.