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They would love to be everything they see as powerful, but their place of belonging must be set in their heart and it is their feelings that should define the fire in their Soul, not their reason or aware decisions. The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 11th born in one of the two years preceding a leap year:.

Planetary Row

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 11th of a leap year and a year that follows:. When these two symbols combine, we see that there is a battle to be won in order to reach the garden of materialization. There seems to be a magical place calling on those born on the 11th of April, and it hides somewhere in the future, when they exit the ring in victory. It is in their nature to use sheer strength of personality, their sharp words, feisty nature and loud voice, to show their natural leadership and ways in which they are dominant over other people.

They are aware that there is a time and place for their battles, and need to understand that it is their inner process that defines them on their way to happiness.

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Others have little or nothing to do with it. This is one of the most imbalanced dates in the entire zodiacal circle that is in a constant fight for perfect balance, love, beauty and satisfaction. Their nature is fiery but needs to be tactful, and their mind sharp while loving and caring just enough. They will sacrifice themselves for the people they love, and this might be their greatest mistake. It is imperative that they hold on to their sense of self-worth, and to surround themselves with those who make them smile.

It is safe to say that no matter their battles and ambitions, their main purpose in life is to dance, sing, and enjoy earthly pleasures of food, love, and devotion to another human being. It is really important for a person born on April 11th to find someone to share joy and laughter with. If their partner simply inspires them to do things out of spite, have a constant battle for supremacy, or abuses them in any way, they will lose all faith in life and what it might bring.

They need someone equal, someone from their world, and to find such a person, they have to realize and feel with every inch of their heart — where they truly belong.

There is an inspiring concept in their philosophy that turns them to free love as they get older. The pressure of two suns combined in their planetary row will bring some troubling relationships their way, but as soon as they build a power of ultimate self-respect within, they will find that they can be with someone who truly suits their Soul. They need someone active, a partner to follow them and see life as an adventure, while at the same time protecting their shared emotional core.

Once they find such a person, they will dedicate their lives to trying to win their heart over and over again, and stay with them for as long as they have something to smile about.

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A person born on the 11th of April is a real leader, mostly because of their ability to put themselves in other people's shoes. This isn't typical for an Aries, and they won't always recognize this as their strength, but in fact their emotional nature is their most powerful tool for preservation.

Sabian Symbol

They are excellent sportsmen, activists, innovators and lovers, and will make truly remarkable directors and managers as they get older and gather the experience they need to feel confident to lead. Amblygonite is a very good crystal to support those born on April 11th for it aids creative expression and releasing the emotional charge left in their energetic body in past experiences. This stone brings calmness and the ability for one to become aware of their personal Divinity, understanding that the Soul will go on from this life to the next one in a single lost breath.

It will be an inspiring tool for creativity in dance, music, and writing, assisting a person to be at peace and let the flow of their inner beauty out into the world. The right birthday gift for a person born on the 11th of April will always include something personal that resonates with their fiery character. Their flaws. However, when they stay on a low level of development — they have too much egoism, which stand in the way of their development and progress in life.

When it happens, egoism is also accompanied by a disdain for others, jealousy, delusions, skepticism, stinginess and hatred. What threatens them? Their negative character traits easily cause rivalry in life, which might eventually lead to loneliness — at which point they will care only for themselves. The best profession for them is related to trade, industry, purely material matters. They feel excellent in the sphere of business, showing amazing insight.

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December 29 Birthday Horoscope

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