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Find variant of name In-depth information of name Name that means Baby name generator from parent names. Sibling name calculator. Find definition of name. Find religion from name. Twins name calculator. List names similar to In-depth information of name. Find a surname. Find origin of surname. List similar surnames. Name compatibility. Zodiac compatibility. Birthday compatibility. Chinese star sign compatibility. The Naadi centre at Vaitheeswarankoil was inaugurated and brought into light by A Siva Guru Swamy as the chief naadi astrologer. Born into a traditional Valluvar family of priests practising astrology who used to engage in the Pooja or worship of Lord Shiva, A Siva Guru Swamy inherited the approach to expeditiously analyse the fortunes of the people.

It all started from Guruji S. Vithyanadan, the great grandfather and S. Vertrivalle, his son who delivered predictions based on Agasthiya Naadi. Over the years, the preservation of sacred palm leaves on which the past, present and future events of life have been recorded got tough and eventually lead to scarcity of the scripts, regarded to be the work of Vedic sages. So, the father S. Arumugam, although has based his predictions originally on Siva Nadi, later began pursuing predictions from Siva Sukshma Naadi.

Visited this nadi jyothishya nilayam, where I was very much shocked that whatever they said is absolutely correct. I was very happy after listening to my horoscope and even learned about the few remedies I need to follow for a better future. They explained to me very clearly whatever doubts I have. That was a great experience. I have visited this place once in last month and they have received me very well and i told all my problems to them and they are responded very well and given a nice and meaning full solutions. Dark Red little hair on head, strong bones, honey coloured eyes, upward looks, short in stature, 8 yojana.

The above information is useful in determining the details of many events. These will get modified by association aspect and strength of the plants. The strength of the planets is to be assessed based on shadbala.

Nadi Astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil - Real or Fake?

The friendship and enmity relationship as per Satyacharya is given below which is based on his simple principle that from its Moolatrikona sign planets posited in 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12 and the Lord of his exaltation sign are friends to "ft and rest are not. This is evident from the ensuing sloka. There is no reference of Neutral planets in this sloka. Subsequently there is an explanation of Planetary avastha in which the neutral effect of planets is considered based on Ati Mitra close friend , Mitra friend , and Sama Neutral , Shatru Enemy relationships. In the normal course of Bhava analysis only friendship and enmity are taken into account.

The same is illustrated below:. Based on the sloka in the enclosure, sign lords not crossed are friends and crossed sign lords are enemies to each Planet from its Moolatrikona sign,. Planets posited in 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12 are considered as Temporary friends and in other places they are considered as enemies. Combining both permanent and temporary factors ultimately the planetary relationship is given below:. Planetary Avastha: which are based on the combination of Permanent and Temporary relationship and the possible effects during their Dasha are given below. For all good results the planets must have good shadbala strength.

Deepta Brilliance Exalted will give: Vehicles, happiness, courage, marriage, respect from relatives, education, material comforts favours from government. Again Mercury is is in his own sign, which conferred happiness and comforts. Wealth of -course did not come due to weakness of Jupiter. Shanta Peaceful Mitra sign will give: Royal favours, comforts, health, wealth and personality.

Moon is in friendly sign for the native of example horoscope during the period of Rahu, Moon bhukti he developed his personality and tried to earn for his comfort levels.

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Venus is in neutral sign of Mars. In Rahu Dasha and Venus bhukti the native suffered due to disease, then he had problems with relatives, he also had to undertake low profile jobs. In Jupiter Dasha and Venus Bhukti, he had health problems and also professional problems with lesser progress in financial growth. Mars is in neutral sign of Venus. In Rahu Dasha and Mars Bhukti, he had to take up low profile jobs and off-course he had problems with relatives. Current Dasha of the native is Jupiter who is in enemy sign, though due to his average strength he gave job, education and money, yet the native is facing worries, and tensions and hardships in professional level.

Defects and deformities due to ill health, disgust, worries, hardships, ill health to wife and children troubles from vehicles, loss of clothes. Rahu is conjunct with Mars, and in Rahu Dasha, he faced many problems but luckily he was not married at that time. The hard ship and worries were of different nature. In Jupiter Dasha in his Bhukti Sun lifted him professionally and became more health conscious. However he could not get his due credits. Most probably, the 6 th lord being in 8 th causing yoga must have overshadowed the bad effects of his positional deficiency.

However, he was deprived of his due credits. Unhappiness, difficulties, losses, and dangers to wife, children and relatives, eye troubles. Mars is combust with Sun, I have already discussed the bad effects of Mars, Yes of-course, the native had eye sight problem and was made to wear glasses during Rahu Mars period. With 10 Planetary Avastha and 9 planetary Yoga the planets are entitled to give their results of Karaka Siddhanta.

In this Siddhanta Sage explains the significations of planets that are empowered to give during their Dasha periods based on their strength hitherto explained. While dealing with karaka I also simultaneously discuss the example horoscopes. Therefore, I am giving the strength of the planets against each planet. After the significations in italics I give the results pertaining to significations during their periods either Dasha or Antar Dasha.

Rahu Dasha and Sun Bhukti, Native's father did undergo difficult period. The native had eye trouble; he was having problems with his unsettling job profile. But he recovered from difficulties during that period. In Jupiter Bhukti the same Sun bhukti gave him upliftments. His mother was having health problems, but the native was, though working had little problems but getting cooperation from his higher ups.

No health problems noticed. Rahu Dasha Mars's period, no bad effects of above experienced but he had to face problems of job and hard work causing tensions. He got treated for dog bite. Rahu Mercury, though had problems in education, changed the line of education, however in Jupiter Mercury period, he had all good results in profession and personal life.

Experienced stomach upsets. Rahu Dasha Venus Bhukti, the native started earning. However not much of Venus results were coming due to Venus being lord of 8 th. The strength of Saturn saved him from evil results in both the Dasha; in fact in Jupiter Dasha his professional progress was seen.

During Rahu Dasha he had to join military air force services for a short period, during that period he had problems with food poisoning and he had to leave the job. He had indigestion problem. Other than this nothing serious happened. Itches, Scabies, Trouble from enemies, Maternal grandfather, Incurable diseases due to karma, Low caste, Trouble from low caste people, Dejections. Despite Ketu being strong often during his Antara period the native will get health problems, though financially there is no problem. Off-course there is no incurable disease as such.

He has no skin problems. The Karakatwa results are directly linked to planetary house lordship and positional dignities. Some of the significations may synchronize with the results. But these are well experienced during transit of planets. This aspect is discussed in Bhrighu Nandi Naadi.

Though many other texts have Nakshatra references the logical. The following table with regard to Nakshatra compatibility is generally given in most of the almanacs and commonly used by all for selecting a good day to commence something. There is no technicality involved in this. The only difference is that the Dasha lords are attributed to it. Most important: Birth Nakshatra can either be from the Birth ascendant or from Moon whichever is stronger as explained earlier. Janma, 2. Sampath, 3, Vipath, 4.

Kshema, 5. Pratyhak, 6. Saadhak, 7. Vadha, Ji. Mitra; 9. Parana NJtra. Satyacharya uses this in qualifying the Dasha lord to give good or bad results based on the same principle. But most intelligently he uses it for entire period of Dasha equaling it to a day and compares them with Janma Nakshatra to decide the effect of the Dasha period whether good or bad. Here the word Naadi aptly fits in as the lengthy period of Dasha Lord is compressed to a time slot of a day represented by the Nakshatra of the Planet to compare it with the Nakshatra of day in which the Native was born that is Janma Nakshatra.

This is the secret of Naadi which I use in the Naadi delineations. The events of the life should be predicted from the Lagna alone if Lagna is stronger than Moon Lagna else it should be predicted from Moon Lagna. Even the birth star is to be considered based on the strength of Lagna. The Dasha of planets as indicated in the Nakshatra table above is to be considered in association with Bhava analysis. C Planets placed in signs cruel places 6, 8, and 12 to the signs of above stars will give bad results.

B Planets placed in signs angles 4, 7, and 10 to the signs of above stars will not give good results but may give satisfactory results. B Planets placed in signs angles 4, 7, and 10 to the signs of above stars will not give bad results but may give satisfactory results. C Planets placed in signs cruel places 6, 8, and 12 to the signs of above stars will give good results. Wherever auspicious results are being produced by the Planet in the above cases, it is based again on the shadbala of the planet. If the planet has full strength the results will be very good and if it is of moderate strength it will be moderately good and where the planet is weak the good results will be meager.

In case of bad results, a strong planet may reduce the effects of bad whereas the weak planet worsens the bad effect. Though the Nakshatra Siddhanta predominantly empowers the planet to give good or bad results in its Dasha bhukti periods, it is also used in Bhava analysis with respect to Bhava lord's stellar position,. This peculiarity is the reason for calling it as Naadi system especially Dhruva Naadi because Dhruva also refers to Nakshatra. Including Lagna all the 12 signs are called Bhavas.

The sign lords of these Bhavas are lords of the Bhava. Each of these Bhava will signify several matters of life. There are innumerable significations which run into volumes if put it on paper. However commonly studied important significations are tabled in section I. In continuation to the Bhava analysis said earlier, in this Siddhanta, Sage prescribes the strength and weakness of Bhava based on Adhipatya. Natural benefics however will flourish the Bhava with their influence.

On the contrary natural malefic will destroy the good effects of the Bhava. One good clarification the Sage gives here is about the 6, 8, 12 houses. Benefic planets here will reduce the evil effects of the houses while the malefic here will enhance the malefic nature of these houses- Counted from Lagna or Chandra whichever is stronger, the houses 3, 6, 10, 11 are upachaya producing prosperity progressively houses rest of the houses are apachaya houses. Note: Elaborated scholarly commentary on Jaataka Chandrika has some different view on placement of lords especially when a planet gets the dignity of Dosha due to Adhipatya of benefics and malefics planets.

There is a striking intelligence involved to pin down yoga classifications to planets. This technicality is based on the Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha classification of houses. The qualitative dignities are classified into Shubha, Raja yoga. Then the results are attributed through their relationships with houses and planets. If its lord and Karaka both are in their Exalted, Moola trikona or own signs the Bhava will thrive. If the Bhava lord is hemmed between natural benefic planets the Bhava will thrive.

If a Bhava lord is placed 2, 3, 11 houses which are either his exalted, Moola trikona, own or friendly house, then the Bhava owned by him will thrive. If the Bhava lord is placed in the even stars counted from Birth star as decided earlier based on strengths, or if it is in birth star itself or in 9 th star the Bhava will thrive.

If the lord of the Bhava is placed within 6 signs from his own Bhava which shall not be 6, 8, 12 to Lagna or his debilitated or enemy sign the Bhava will thrive. If the Lord of a Bhava is progressing towards exaltation sign and if it does not happen to be 6, 8, 12 or 12 th to his own Bhava and if it is not his debilitated or enemy sign the Bhava will thrive,. Unless Bhava lord gains more benefic places in shodasha varga charts, his direction towards his debilitated sign not being a Kendra, Kona, exalted, Moolatrikona, Friendly sign the Bhava will decline.

Bhava itself will thrive if it is occupied or having aspect of natural benefics or hemmed between benefic planets. A Bhava will decline when it is flanked on either side by natural malefic planets or influenced by them by occupation or aspect. To apply the above rules to example horoscope some more components are needed to compute as follows:. With these additional information and with the information earlier explained the strength and weakness of the Bhavas is to be computed for the example horoscope:.

With this computation applying the rules as mentioned above, for the example horoscope we get the strength of the Bhavas as follows:. Bhavas 4, 5, 8 Bhava gets average strength. Thus Bhavas 9, 6, 2 Bhavas have no strength at all. In Karaka Siddhanta strengths of Karakas will be considered to assess the qualitative effect of Bhavas.

Proclaiming that the predictions made considering Panchasidhanthika would never go wrong, the great Sage ends his hi-tech Adhyaya on Panchasidhanthika. Sage maintains brevity in enumerating the Bhava Phala generalizing for all 12 Ascendant and advises to use experience and logic in delineation of Bhava Phala independently for each ascendant.

The modified effects of Bhava by Bhava analysis along with the Planetary Yogas and Planetary Moods given in earlier paragraphs are all to be taken into consideration to delineate Bhava Phala". A lord sitting in a house will get the significations of that house along with the Karakatwa of the Planet ruling that house as Lord. The material welfare and eventualities denoted by house matters of occupant will thrive or decline through the objects and persons signified by the house and the lord of that house.

The Natural signification of the Lord as a planet will be modified based on the sign status which will either support or negate the signification of the planet occupying the said sign. The Bhava governed by the Planet as Lord and as Bhava karaka will also get modified based on the beneficial or. If more than one planet occupy, the mutual modifications of the significations of occupied planet along with the modified effect of the house and the house lord due to the presence of these planets are to be assessed to consider the effects of a planet in that house.

This is due to the fact that a planet in a house responsible to give the results, will also cover the Bhava and Bhava karaka results of Planets which are associated by Conjunction. The results will also get modified by the planets who are placed in Mutual aspect, Mutual exchange or being in Kendra or Kona to planet occupying a Bhava. The effects will vary based on the ascendant therefore it is not proper to generalize the effects of Bhava when lords occupy particular Bhava.

Using the basic signification given in the table the effects of lord of each Bhava when posited different Bhava can be ascertained for general assumption of the outcome of such Bhava. In order to know the effects of planets as lords when they occupy different Bhava the following points are to be considered:. The places 6, 8, 12 give the bad effects. Therefore Lords of 6 th , 8 th and 12 th carry these bad effects.

If they are natural malefic planets the bad effects are fortified. The bad effects of these houses are experienced when these lords are placed in bad houses. The bad effects are also transferred to planet being posited in these places. The nature of bad effects is based on the nature of planets involved as Bhava lords posited in 6 th 8 th , 12 th house and the nature of sign lord and signs which shall modify the effects and helps in knowing more details about the bad results. If the Lords of 6 th 8 th and 12 th goes to other good Bhava, the bad effects of 6 th , 8 th , 12 th house are considerably reduced and the effects of other Bhava is to be decided upon the natural signification of planets being benefic or malefic.

The rule is that a planet will get the signification of. The Lordship of the planet will thrive with good effects if the sign occupied by planet represents a good house. The occupied house will get modified by the benefic and malefic nature of planet and the lordship of benefic or malefic. Further fine tuning is based on Panchasiddhanthika the effects of these good and bad results can be attributed to planets with more accuracy. Presuming that the lords attain Shubha yoga and good mood, thriving results of Bhava is indicated against "Benefic Yoga" and for contrary dignities to Lords and Bhava the results are indicated against "Malefic Yoga".

Practically there could be mixed effects which needs logical interpretation while assessing individual horoscopes. In the example horoscope the strength of Bhavas are as follows:. While giving Bhava Phala when the lords of the houses occupy or aspect different Bhavas in, the example horoscope Bhava results will also be indicated taking into consideration above Bhava strengths and planetary yoga.

If Ascendant itself is in Chara Rasi and the Navamsa Lagna is of a benefic lord and if the Lagna sign lord in both Rashi and Amsa is in Kendra or Kona or in a beneficial sing in Rasi and Amsha then this is supposed to be a great yoga for person for Royal position. If the Lord of the Ascendant is in Kendra or Kona house and in a benefic sign in the Rasi and Navamsa Chart and also if he is in a benefic star Nakshatra Siddhanta then the Native will attain Royal status.

With a Shubha yoga if the Lord of Lagna is placed in Kendra having shadbala strength then the native will have the qualities of the Lord of Lagna and will be leader. The Lagna of the native is mutable sign. In Navamsa it falls in fixed sign. Therefore the native is not a leader. But having average strength, being in Sthira Navamsa and dual sign lord, the native progressively rises in the life.

Benefic Yoga: he will gain wealth and happiness as he will be nullifying the effect of 8 th house of distress and gets the happiness. Malefic Yoga: he will lose the wealth and fall in distress, will have unrest in the family and difficulties in basic learning. He may become a liar and resort to sinful acts.

In the example chart the 3 rd house gains good strength and the Lagna lord Jupiter with good yoga is posited here. Benefic Yoga: He will be an able person, gets the help of siblings to be daring and powerful. Due to association of 9 th house occult matters and religious matters along with communication and third house matters he will be proficient in astrology and other related matters.

Native: He is adventurous and dares to take risks for progress; there has been a cordial relationship with the siblings. Though not keenly interested in pursuing religious rites and occult subjects, he has faith in these matters. He does believe in Astrology. Malefic Yoga: He will be coward and fail in communication ability. He will have misunderstandings with siblings and engages in irreligious activities. Malefic Yoga: He will be deprived of comforts, assets and inheritance will face problems in learning and may not have comforts from mother.

He may suffer from Lung related problems. He will have problems dealing with masses. Benefic Yoga: He will have royal favours, he may be sheltered by elite people, will also get the blessings of deities and will pursue pleasurable activities and will be blessed with progeny. He will have political interest and may involve in political activities.

Malefic Yoga: He may be deprived of happiness of progeny; he may stupidly behave and create problems for himself from elite circle. He will be deprived of success in politics; He may fail in competitive efforts and need to put more efforts in his professional life. He may face the wrath of deities. He will suffer from belly related problems and leading to tensions, BP and heart problems. Benefic Yoga: He may overcome difficulties in the work front and avoid risks and he will take up a job of armed forces and he will have good relationship with partners, and strive to maintain good health.

He will avoid rfsky debts and win over litigations. Malefic Yoga: He may suffer from sickness, encounter problems in service, incur debts and involve in litigations both at relational and social activities. He may face problems with maternal uncles and will suffer from stomach and head related diseases.

He may have illicit relation with opposite sex. He is recognized in the society. Malefic Yoga: He may involve in scandals, loss in partnerships and will have marred marital life; he may get blames from society and face problems from spouse side. Benefic Yoga: This position is good for longevity and to maintain immune system in the body. He will overcome distress and keep away from illicit affairs; he will be benefited from legacy, he may have foreign visits, he will maintain good relation with others by helping them, he may not earn much though he puts hard work but he has chances of getting sudden incomes at times.

He will take care of health matters of both self and his spouse. Malefic Yoga: He will suffer with difficulties and chronic diseases and he may have problems relating to private parts and may be prone to kidney problems. He will lose in every effort and his foreign journey will create problems for him. He will be blamed by his close friends and relatives, he will have sudden loss in his wealth matters and face problems of health both self and spouse.

He is prone to accidents and danger to life. Benefic Yoga: He will be interested in charitable deeds and devoted to priestly persons. His father will have recognition in the society and this will help the native in his career. He may be benefited from his father. He will have fortune smiling at him and will go for higher education and knowledge. He will be in command with his active life and get the consent of people for his projects and plans.

He will be irreligious and go against his well-wishers and father. He may. He may not have good marital relationship and may opt for 2 nd relationship. He will have problems relating to thighs and may suffer from sciatica and gout problems. Benefic Yoga: Name, fame, planets in and aspect to 10 th , lord of 10 th , dispositor of 10 th , Lagna lord, Lagna dispositor and planets in Lagna will have relation to his profession and the stronger among these will give raja yoga in the field of profession. Malefic Yoga: Weak planets associated with Lagna and 10 th house will bring ill fame and will have miserable professional life.

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He may not settle in smooth profession. Benefic Yoga: will gain in all his endeavors, he may have gain from elder brother; he will have satisfaction from acquiring things of his choice and enjoy the good company of friends- Malefic Yoga: He may encounter enmity factors and may be deprived of happiness from elder brother. He will not be satisfied about fulfillment of his desires. Benefic Yoga: He will be inclined towards religious and saintly life; he will detach from the worldly pleasures and attain mental calmness. He will be active in meritorious deeds. Malefic Results: He will be worried about the separation from kith and kin and he will develop ill health needing hospitalization.

He will forego sound sleep and increase his mental agony. He will often face displacement and displeasures and pains. If 2 nd house gets good strength, then the accumulation of wealth, good family environments are indicated. On the contrary if the house is weak, loss of wealth, incurring expenses and family problems may crop up.

In the example horoscope this house is weak, the native would incur expenditure and may not get wealth accumulated as desired, earnings do not equal tor efforts. He faced family problems. Ketu is in his 2 nd house gaining good strength, but the nature of Ketu is blocking, therefore, wealth supposed to have come from father was blocked and though Ketu helped in getting income but equally gave expenditures. Karaka for 2 nd house Jupiter is strong which is a plus point for the native which made him to earn money. Benefic Yoga: Own efforts to earn wealth. If Lagna lord is in 9 th indicating father, the wealth is through father.

Self- going to house of father indicates that the Father's fifth house lord is in Lagna of father seeking help. If the 2 nd lord goes to 9 th House the wealth of the native is going to father's house. That is father benefiting through wealth of children. Malefic Yoga: The earning of wealth and the benefits of wealth indicated above will be lost,. If the 2 nd lord is placed in his own house, in Kendra or Kona from Lagna, Lagna lord or from 2 nd house itself or if he is hemmed or influenced by benefic planets being in a benefic sign or in benefic star or in benefic Amsha especially if any one of these placement happens to be his exaltation house the native will gain wealth through the significations of the sign, lord and karaka plants related to him through their influence.

On the contrary if any other places rendering the 2 nd lord weak and influenced by malefic he may expend his wealth through the significations of the planets adversely influencing this lord. Benefic Yoga: Wealth through Medical profession, Litigation, Theft and gambling and also through the matters signified by the Planet as lord of 6 th house.

Benefic Yoga: Wealth from foreign resources, the persons indicated by the planets involved through, star, Amsha or aspects. He will gain from these persons. There will be influence of spouse in getting wealth. Malefic influences if any will indicate the malicious means of earnings. Malefic Yoga: Wealth may be lost due to foreign involvement. The family may undergo stress factors due to wickedness of spouse or partner. Malefic influence on this will lead to disputes and distress in family and finance matters.

Benefic Yoga: Earning of wealth and expenditure are both are indicated. The source of earning and spending will be through the nature of planets forming yoga. Malefic Yoga: Loss of wealth is indicated. The signification of planets involved indicates the situation and person involved causing loss. In the example horoscope Mars as 2 nd lord is weak being posited in 8 th house along with Rahu and Sun.

Father acquired wealth and lost. Rahu another malefic sitting along with Sun caused harm to the wealth of father which the native should have got by inheritance. All the planets throwing aspect on 2 nd house deprived the native of this wealth. Incidentally Mars is also 9 th lord the house of father posited in 12 th to it that is 8 th house to native.

The karaka for 2 nd house is the main resource for him to earn money, Jupiter as Dhana karaka having good yoga, is also lord of 10 th house and Lagna, which made him to earn money through profession which he acquired through self-efforts. Benefic Yoga: Wealth from father and elders; Wealth may also be earned through the signification of 9 th lord and its associates. Malefic Yoga: May not get Wealth from father, the signification of 9 th lord and its association will indicate the reasons for not acquiring wealth. Benefic Yoga: Earning of Wealth through service or business, or through religious acts and through auspicious ceremonies and through agriculture.

He may also gain through the in-laws support. Malefic Yoga: Loss of wealth or hardships in services, lesser income and problems in the family and obstructions from the in-laws. Malefic Yoga: Loss in trade and money lending activities and expenditure due to elder brother and friends,. Native will have determination in his actions.

Third lord if placed in trine to ascendant and Lagna lord being a friend will make native to live with this brother together in a house. The Number of siblings male or female is decided by the male and female signs involved in Rasi, Navamsa and star in relation to 3 rd house and its lord and karaka. Placement of 3 rd lord in upachaya houses having strength will also indicate the number of siblings. Weakness in these positions reduces the number of siblings. Involvement of dual signs in different components like Navamsa, sign, star will indicate twin siblings.

If the 3 rd lord and the dispositor are disposed with heavy afflictions rendering 3 rd house. If similar affliction involves female signs, it indicates immoral character of female siblings. This may also cause deafness to native. Malefic planets linked with 6 th 8 th 12 th house to 3 rd house may indicate distress or dangers to siblings. The Karaka for the 3 rd house Mars is weak. The 3 rd lord himself is a female planet and is in the female sign and he has aspect on his own house.

This accounts for a female sibling to native. He has a sister. The dispositor Mars not only weak but also placed in 8 th house along with debilitated Sun and Rahu, the native had to take care of his sister and guide her to settle down in life, for which he had to undergo mental tensions. Beneflc Yoga: He will lend support to his siblings; he will go out of the way in achieving things. He may be interested in matters of arts and communication. His ability is recognized in the society. Malefic Yoga: He will have disputes with siblings, he will adopt crocked means to achieving things and will be involve in undesirable acts by which he may gain ill fame in the society.

Benefic Yoga: Native may earn money by investing his earnings. He may also gain from communication and related activities. He may also gain through siblings. Malefic Yoga: He may not have younger siblings, if he has most of the the native's earnings will be spent on them and they will be spend thrift. If this 3 rd lord is natural malefic, the native may lose much of his wealth because of the younger siblings.

Benefic Yoga: Prosperity of siblings. Father of the native may gain through his spouse side. Malefic Yoga: Brothers may suffer and the native will face problems in communications and will be coward in nature. The father may get problems through his spouse side. Benefic Yoga: Younger siblings will gain wealth. Native may put his efforts in own place to achieve recognition and assets.

He may use his professional influence in getting benefits. Malefic Yoga: Native may lose assets and he may have mental worries because of staying in rented house. His mother may suffer with ill health. Native may face professional problems and may lose recognition. Benefic Yoga: Being 3 rd to 3 rd it indicates multiplicity of siblings.

Most of them will have gains from religious and elite circles. The native takes initiative in religious activities and he may have get support from rich persons. Malefic Yoga: Younger siblings may earn bad name and create problems to the native. They themselves get blamed or abused by the religious or elite persons.

The native may tend to commit sinful acts. He may be at financial loss. Benefic yoga: 3 rd house being 10 th to 6 th house, this may cause him recognition in a profession of serving or protecting nature. He will save money and he will have a serving establishment. His brother will earn assets and will have good physique. Malefic Yoga: He may steal and resort to cheating others and also gain ill fame. His brothers may lose their assets and may face ill health problems. Native may have problems with uncles. Benefic Yoga: He may expect help from brother as he will be in 7 th aspecting Lagna.

He can also expect help from father in law. Brother will be in good position. If the dispositor of 7 th is in Lagna the brother may be settled in foreign.

Malefic Yoga: His brother may cause problems to him and he may involve in undesired activities with in-laws. Benefic yoga: Despite benefic yoga, 8 th house is 6 th to 3 rd house; therefore the siblings may have distress due to enmity, ill health. Malefic yoga: 3 rd house is transactions and being 6 th house to Lagna, the person may lose his earnings. He may also suffer with diseases relating to 3 rd house. Benefic yoga: Siblings will be close to father and may get benefited from the wealth of father.

In case the 9 th lord is in ascendant, the native may get benefits from father and siblings. Malefic Yoga: Native may not be cordial with father or he may lose his paternal property through his siblings. Siblings may also cause ill fame due to misdeeds. In native's horoscope 3 rd lord Venus is posited in 9 th house with good yoga.

Yes the sibling of the native is close to her father and got benefited from father's savings. Benefic yoga: Siblings will thrive in business and maintain status in the society. Native may get help from siblings. Malefic Yoga: Siblings may lose in business and native may have to suffer due to this. Benefic Yoga: Native will be born in wealthy family. He will have good education and knowledge in many subjects. He will be happy throughout his life. The sign qualities will modify the nature of such comfort levels.

Malefic Yoga: Educational breaks, deprived of motherly care, loss of inherited property and trouble through assets. Benefic Yoga: Native may gain property from uncle. Earnings through lands, Conveyance and comforts support from family and happiness are indicated. Benefic Yoga: Little money and land. He may have step brother and develop dispute with him. He may also sell away his property.

Malefic yoga: He may gain property through step brothers and acquire lands from them. He will grow rich. His crops and cultivation may get stolen or destroyed. Benefic Yoga: The mother will be good and rule the family. She will be religious and having good character. The progeny will also be prospectus. Malefic Yoga: Mother may lose or may face problems with wealth and money and may be resort to evil acts.

Progeny may be disturbed in their progress. Benefic Yoga: Maternal uncle will have status in the society. Linking 6 th lord to ascendant may cause trouble to native due to diseases and enemies and his uncle may stay in the native's house.