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We are remembering the past and re-tracing our feelings with Mercury retrograde here. Mercury Rx will meet the sun on the 21st, illuminating some of the lessons from this retrograde. The sun enters Leo, sign of his rulership, on July 22nd this year. Leo season officially begins!

With the sun here, this sign is even brighter than usual. This heralds the season of vacations, playtime, and fun in the sun. We can start to see the light after an intense couple of months. On the 25th, Mars makes a jubilant trine to Jupiter, enhancing the spotlight on happiness. Mars and Jupiter together can be a little too passionate, but at their best they get big things done. Then on the 27th, Venus enters Leo, where she loves to be loved and to give love. These are warmer transits to turn to after a potentially earth-shaking month.

Like a bright dawn after a stormy night, Leo is here to remind you that the sun always rises. Mercury stations direct on the last day of July, at 24 degrees of Cancer. On the same day, we have a new moon not an eclipse at 8. This one is next to Venus and square Uranus in Taurus. The moon and Venus get along well, serving up happy feelings and a fun sense of style, but Uranus in Taurus is disrupting the old to make way for the new, so this sense of style is infused with high-voltage electricity. After the floods and earthquakes of eclipse season, this is an awakening moon.

Image Credit: Denis Azarenko via Pixabay. When I look at the aspects for June of this year, I see two overarching themes playing out. One is shown through the mutable energy of Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces: gathering knowledge and remaining open to change, and therefore resilient.

The second theme is a reason to cultivate resilience: the lead-up to our especially hard-hitting Cancer-Capricorn eclipse season in July. June, then, is a time to stay flexible and shift course a bit if necessary, in the spirit of resilience. What challenges you in these next two months will be similar to the challenges you faced in January of this year, when we had our first round of eclipses.

12222 Full Moon Dates and Times

If you follow other astrologers and people who occasionally reference astrology in their writings, you will hear them talking about the challenges of this cycle. Be aware that June and July will probably be hard, for some more than others. If you have seen me for a personal consultation this year, you will remember that we talked about this! Self-development like this always requires effort. My hope is that my endeavors will change my life in positive ways, but I also know that inner work is challenging. A lot of productive change happens in the grind of active astrological conditions.

This is an active cycle. Consider that for a moment in a neutral light, and decide what sort of action you need to take. Stay agile. Cultivate resilience. Take stock of the resources at your disposal. Trust in your ability to change the status quo and overcome your obstacles. Early in the morning on June 3 at sunrise in Brooklyn , we have our astrological new moon at With the moon square Neptune in Pisces, we do have to take care with the information we receive, asking ourselves: is it accurate?

Does it come from a reliable source? Is there self-delusion here? However, with our critical faculties in use, this can be an excellent new moon for imagining original, dream-worthy intentions to act on throughout the lunar cycle.

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On June 4, Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer. Mercury in Cancer is empathetic and emotional, able to speak the languages of poetry and feeling. Mercury will also be involved in this strong series of Cancer-Capricorn oppositions, so sometimes those feelings are going to be intense. On June 8, Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini. Venus in Gemini is attracted to variety and inspired by good conversations. Both the sun and Venus in Gemini are involved in a series of mutable T-squares, squaring Neptune in Pisces while opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The sun makes this T-square first, on June 9 and Venus follows on June 23 and This series of aspects bookends our second exact Jupiter-Neptune square of this year, on June So all throughout this month, you are being asked: is your optimism helping you to manifest a dream or are you engaged in self-delusion? Use the information you gather to make thoughtful choices that help you to actualize your dreams Regarding the first Jupiter-Neptune square on January 13th, I wrote: In its most positive form, Jupiter square Neptune will spur us to seek out our dreams.

Anchor yourself with a plan that keeps you from floating too far out to sea. Mars meets the north node in Cancer and makes an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, as well as a trine to Neptune, on the 14th. Then Mercury follows suit on the 16th. Anything involving Saturn in Capricorn is going to be a reality check. Delusion is not an option in ; we are dealing with reality like true adults. It is a council of wise elders convening; the matriarchs speaking up to remind us what we care about. Early in the morning EST on June 17, we have our full moon at This lunation is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius for some excellent luck, and still involved in that dream-seeking Jupiter-Neptune square.

Seeking knowledge, understanding, abundance, good fortune, and glamour are all options for this lunation. Mercury and Mars form an exact conjunction in Cancer on June 18 and make an exact opposition to Pluto on the 19th. Pluto in Capricorn is all about old-fashioned power. With the planet of communication and the planet of action in a sign that deals with emotions, we have some potentially powerful, emotional talk happening on these days. It could also be a struggle to communicate.

There could be barriers to action, since Mars in Cancer is less potent than Mars in other signs. For mastery of this transit, look to empower yourself and protect those who are vulnerable. On June 21st, we have the summer solstice, when the sun enters the sign of Cancer. Neptune also stations retrograde on this day. Neptune will appear to travel back over the degrees from 19 to 16 Pisces before stationing direct on November 27th.

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Saturn makes another exact conjunction to the south node on June 23rd. This happened on May 20th. Look to that day for an indication of what might be coming. The cycles repeat, but always in a spiral, so that you receive the lesson in different variations as you learn. Saturn with the south node in Capricorn is about dealing with the shadow-side of tradition.

So continue to ask yourself, which traditions must be protected, and which ones need to evolve? And again, listen to wise elders who can show you the way forward. Lastly, Mercury enters Leo on June 26th. Mercury here is a creative communicator: loud, performative, and fun. Yay for some fun! The biggest challenge comes in July.

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The Solar Eclipse Could Mean Disaster for Trump, According to Astrologers

At this dark moon in Libra I am thinking about how business can be art, of how I can experiment with The Rebel Coach to make it a healing for myself and others, and of creating structures that support and nourish bodies mine and others. Very busy planning your literary horoscopes with readitforward from my spot at the. Your horoscopes are up, and its all Virgo all the time right now. Link in bio! Image: alabaster statue of Saint Fiacre, patron saint of gardeners, on display in the Cloisters. Check out my IG story for more! Horoscopes are coming too!

Link in bio. Image: van Gogh, Wheat Field with Crows. September Virgo vibes. I know a lot of people in the U. Anyone else feel the same? Mars is in Virgo now, and Venus will join him there on Wednesday. Then the sun moves into Virgo on Friday. We're officially moving from our Leo stellium fun in the sun to our Virgo stellium back to school. More in your horoscopes for this week! Birthdays affected and challenged will be the following:. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, unexpected happenings and surprises.

Keeping the status quo and tradition is not the way Uranus rolls. Uranus wants to shake up life. Uranus will be in Aries and then Taurus most of the year starting at 28 degrees Aries and then will slide back into Taurus and end the year at 6 degrees Taurus. Birthdays affected will be the following:.

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  • Neptune represents inspiration, dreams, psychic gifts, illusion, and delusion among many other things. Neptune will be in Pisces all year starting at 14 degrees to 18 degrees. Pluto will be in Capricorn all year starting at 20 degrees to 23 degrees. Click Here to Schedule a Reading!

    The Solar Eclipse Could Mean Disaster for Trump, According to Astrologers

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