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Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Capricorn on the 3rd where it remains until the end of February.

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Capricorn rules your home and family sector, your past and where you come from. Therefore, having Venus in this same sector of your horoscope feels stabilising or, at least, helps you come to accept your current situation. This month, the key dates are the 18th and 23rd, when Venus runs into Saturn and Pluto respectively. This is the time to set new guidelines or keep firm boundaries in place around home and family affairs.

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Either that, or recognise where your limits are and let a difficult relationship go. People are important you being a Sun Libra and this month especially so.

You currently have the planet of passion, Mars, in Aries and your relationship sector, where it remains until the 14th. As Mars is your partner planet, this might be about your other half rather than you. This month, Mars makes two major planetary aspects which could be revealing. Firstly, Mars in Aries clashes with Pluto in Capricorn at the base of your horoscope on the 2nd. Note that this takes place the day before your planet, Venus, moves into Capricorn. Therefore, this confirms that Venus in Capricorn may be about reconciliation following on from a fall out. Mars continues its journey through Aries and on the 13th, Mars teams up with unpredictable and spontaneous Uranus.

This could be good news for you if personal relationships or business partnerships have been volatile and unpredictable over the last eight years. Mars is certainly going out with a bang so expect the unexpected. This will certainly add a dramatic element , especially with regard to close relationships.

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However, talk planet Mercury and the Sun are both in Aquarius and your romance sector until the 10th and 18th respectively. Communications are the focal point for the total eclipse during the Christmas holiday season. Love affairs and long-term relationships will demand more attention than usual this , Libra: over the next 6 to months expect unique home developments and rare social proposals to arrive.

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Some Librans, especially those born late in September, may also encounter unexpected news from family members, friends or co-workers before mid-March: key areas of concern may be birth announcements, wedding plans or extended family agreements. If so, Libra, watch also for a era of social invitations and new group involvement to be an ongoing theme for the next 14 months: obligations to friends and public reputation will may soon become complicated by new relationships, family celebrations or social duties.

After mid-March watch also for long-term relationships to experience a brief but intense phase of disagreement or discussion: key areas of concern may involve short-term financial plans, property matters or unpredictable family events. By late April, however, all will work in your favor: expect money or home agreements to bring added understanding, intimacy and private sharing throughout much of the next 3 years.

Single Librans may this year experience the return of a past lover or rare romantic introduction to an old friend.

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Social complications will be minor, Libra, so not to worry. Do, however, expect a quickly deepening phase of romantic feelings between mid-March and early June to be followed by 2 months of rare social adjustments.

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Carefully explain your decisions and actions to friends, Libra: others may need added reassurance that your life is not changing beyond your control. After August 26th watch also for romantic creativity, fertility and new forms of entertainment to be a prime topic of discussion. Loved ones and long-term partners may this year wish to adopt new behaviors or extend ongoing family commitments.